Review Brian on Zillow

Brian is awesome!!

I met Brian through Zillow, and I am so happy I did. I had a VA loan, which can be tough if not dealing with the right lender/agent. He not only made the process manageable, but broke each bit down step by step, while keeping the terminology to a minimum.

He was a straight shooter and told me everything I needed right up front, which made the underwriting process a breeze.

He literally managed the entire process for me: he found a solid agent, got me a terrific loan, and kept my nerves in line as we got down to the wire.

Not only did I get a great loan in the process of buying a house, I feel I gained a great acquantance that I would be more than honored to work with any time.

If you are looking for a person that knows what they are doing and go above and beyond, look no further than the gentleman I am reviewing. You’ll be pleased you did.

Thank you, Brian!

-veritas009 from Gunpowder, MD

A Refinance Miracle

I consider it an Act of God to have met Brian Masterson. Facing a final HELOC payment that originated during the 2008 meltdown, our home was at risk of being sold. Brian came into our life through a miracle and took charge of our refinance procedure.

With his help, we improved our Credit Rating, found favor with an improved VA Appraisal, VA approval and reduced personal our personal debt. Brian was involved in every aspect of the loan situation and quickly answered all questions.

He is financially knowledgeable, personally encouraging, professionally aware of our community and understands all risks involved. After two previous failed attempts to refinance our mortgage, Brian saw the issues at stake and found a way to overcome them and save our home.

For that, we will be eternally grateful.

-Becauseiam99 from Baltimore, MD